Tasting Classes


We offer tasting classes for private & professional groups at your preferred location . (Classes include wines & Riedel glasses) We generally recommend a class size of eight people to twelve people. The fee is $100/person. (Travel time over an hour and reasonable lodging not included).
 Class sequence highly recommended:


  • MASTER TASTING aka Beyond the Swirl & Sniff: Learn how to identify & characterize wine traits in order to accurately communicate your preferences.
  • EFFECTS of WINE-MAKING aka How’d dat get in there?: Learn wine making
    techniques and their implications on the aroma and flavor of wines. When is
    eucalyptus in the wine eucalyptus and when is it the magic of chemistry.
  • VARIETALS: Learn to identify the unique aromatic characteristics of different
    varietals.Power of negative 10; pick one region. Power of positive 10; compare
    different worlds.
  • REGIONAL Classes: The world is our oyster and therefore is only limited by
    strategic sourcing constraints.